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An overview of the youth programmes provided by Cesis Adult Education Centre in Latvia : Some reflections on motivations triggered by EU's ‘Youth in Action’ Programmes
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本稿は,欧州の生涯学習機関における若年者支援事業に関する考察の一環として, 2011年12月中旬にラトヴィア共和国ツェーシス市立成人教育センター(Cēsu Pieaugušo izglītības centrs)で実施した現地調査の成果を概括したものである。同国は, 2007年以降の経済不況の影響からまだ回復しておらず,成人教育分野においても財政削減が続く中, 2011年12月現在,以前のような活気を取り戻すにはまだ時間を要する状況にある。ツェーシス市立成人教育センターでは, 2007年より,困難な状況にある若年者を対象とした事業を従来の全般的な成人教育事業に加えて実施している。長引く経済不況により,現状では十分な予算措置を講じることは難しいものの,欧州レベルで2007年以降実施されている大規模な若年者支援事業である ’Youth in Action’ プログラムの効果的な活用を中心に,同センターでは,様々な形で学校から社会への移行に困難を抱える若者への支援が行われている。今日までに,同センターの若年者支援事業を通して,学業から就業に向かう途上にある多くの若者が,自己を振り返りつつ,自らの新たな能力を見出し,自信を持って将来に明るい展望を持ち始めている。参加者へのフォローアップには依然困難を伴うが,地域の公的成人教育機関が彼らの “居場所” づくりを担っていることのメリットは,多方面に見出せる。
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This paper illustrates some good practices of the youth programmes provided by Cesis Adult Education Centre in Latvia, whilst reflecting on motivations triggered by 'Youth in Action' Programmes introduced by the European Union since 2007. Since the Independence from the former Soviet Union, Latvia has experienced a number of social and economic reforms under the new regime. Since the end of 2007, Latvian economy has encountered a serious economic depression after the thriving economic growth, resulting in the high unemployment rate, a negative real GDP growth rate and severe impacts on the daily lives of ordinary people etc. Though financially influenced by those negative economic downturns, the provision of Latvian adult education has been developing gradually under the coordination of the Latvian Association of Adult Education, especially in recent years in response to the nation's strategy for lifelong learning. Established in 1994, Cesis Adult Education Centre is a public organisation to offer opportunities of various non-formal learning for local residents in Cesis. Since 2007, it has started providing youth programmes for vulnerable young people, and the organisation has developed international, national and local level networks with governmental and non-governmental organisations. In particular, Cesis Adult Education Centre has been making use of the 'Youth in Action' Programme introduced by the European Union, such as Youth Initiative, Youth Exchange and European Voluntary Service etc. At the same time, it is intended in the future that more local initiative projects should be introduced. All the programmes have given a number of positive impacts on vulnerable youth in Cesis, and young people have gained new knowledge, skills and proficiencies through these programmes. The example of Latvia offers numerous implications for Japan, especially in that it is a public adult education centre which coordinated youth work for vulnerable young people. It clearly indicates the importance of youth empowerment with a long term view, the possibility of intergenerational learning with people of other age groups, the possibilities of including more educational perspectives in its contents and the possibility of offering 'a safe environment' for vulnerable youth who once dropped out of schools.
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