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In the 1960s, there was some dissatisfaction for the medical situation. They included increased depersonalization of medicine and fragmentation of care. Millis Report of 1966 was presented the recommendation for new medical system, which focuses not upon individual organs and systems but upon the whole man. After that, primary care medicine and family medicine were developed.
On the other hand, in Japan, we have had a most respectable and well-known physician, Dr. Shigeaki HINOHARA (1911-2017). He had been working in St. Luke’s International Hospital, Tokyo, and been abroad in US. Then he came to know Sir Osler / Oslerism, and modern medicine at that time.
After coming back Japan, he has changed the medicine in Japan. He has firstly introduced and developed in Japan, such as primary care medicine, annual medical checkups, health education system for many people, problem-oriented system (POS) for medical chart, education system for nurse and co-medicals, life style related disease, music therapy, New Elderly Association (NEA) movement and so on. Consequently, he has been called “The Father of Primary Care” and “The Father of Music therapy”. He lived up to 105 years with continuous activity, and his remarkable achievements have still lead many people.
The author has majored in primary care medicine, music therapy, psychosomatic medicine, sports medicine, life style related disease and developed these activities with Dr. Hinohara for long. Recently, we have broaden Oslerism and Hinohara-ism through NEA and other opportunities. The author has been 1) physician, 2) pianist, 3) athlete, 4) essayist with more than 40 books and 2000 publications. In the key note speech, a variety of contents would be presented such as primary care, music therapy, anti-aging medicine, low carbohydrate diet (LCD), sports activities and others for the beneficial and positive effects for healthier body/soul/mind/spirit.
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American Journal of Preventive Medicine and Public Health
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2nd World Congress on Primary Healthcare and Medicare Summit, Paris, France, February 19-20, 2020
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