Author Maeda, Saori/ Yoshimura, Hiroshi/
Content Type Thesis or Dissertation
Journal Title The Journal of Physiological Sciences
Volume 69
Issue 4
Published Date 2019-04-04
departments Oral Sciences
Author Hosoi, Kazuo/ Yao, Chenjuan/ Hasegawa, Takahiro/ Yoshimura, Hiroshi/ Akamatsu, Tetsuya/
Content Type Journal Article
Journal Title International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Volume 21
Issue 4
Published Date 2020-02-11
departments Oral Sciences Bioscience and Bioindustry
Author Yoshimura, Hiroshi/
Content Type Journal Article
Journal Title 四国歯学会雑誌
Volume 25
Issue 2
Published Date 2013-01-31
departments Oral Sciences