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Barroga, Edward Tokyo Medical University
Barron, J Patrick Tokyo Medical University
Hobbs, James Iwate Medical University
Jayawardena, Jayanetti A Tsurumi University
Kageyama, Ikuo The Nippon Dental University
Kalubi, Bukasa The University of Tokushima KAKEN Search Researchers
Langham, Clive Nihon University
Seki, Naoko Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Oka, Hiroko Hiroshima University
Peters, Martin Kanagawa Dental University
Shibata, Yo Showa University
Stegaroiu, Roxana Niigata University
Suzuki, Kazuyoshi Aichi Gakuin University
Takahashi, Shigeru Hokkaido University
Tsuchiya, Hironori Asahi University
Yoshida, Toshiko Okayama University
Health care English
Dental English
Harmonized education
Core curriculum
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Journal Article
Background: Globalization of the professions has become a necessity among schools and universities across the world. It has affected the medical and dental professions in terms of curriculum design and student and patient needs. In Japan, where medicine and dentistry are taught mainly in the Japanese language, profession-based courses in English, known as Medical English and Dental English, have been integrated into the existing curriculum among its 83 medical and 29 dental schools. Unfortunately, there is neither a core curriculum nor a model syllabus for these courses.
Methods: This report is based on a survey, two discussion forums, a workshop, and finally, the drafting of a proposed core curriculum for dental English approved by consensus of the participants from each university.
Results: The core curriculum covers the theoretical aspects, including dental English terms and oral pathologies; and practical aspects, including blended learning and dentist-patient communication. It is divided into modules and is recommended to be offered for at least two semesters.
Conclusions: The core curriculum is expected to guide curriculum developers in schools where dental English courses are yet to be offered or are still in their early development. It may also serve as a model curriculum to medical and dental schools in countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, and Central and South America, where English is not the medium of instruction.
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BMC Medical Education
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