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ケンジントン コウエン ノ ピーターパン ニオケル フウシ
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Satire in Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens
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Departmental Bulletin Paper
The element of satire can be seen in various genres of literature, including fantasy. Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens,written by James Mathew Barry,is a fantasy that has elements of satire.In particular,the chapter of ‘The Thrush's Nest'has many examples of satiric descriptions, most of which seem to be very easy to understand,even for children. Solomon Caw has a mania for collecting useless things that is peculiar to the elderly. Those who are born in 'The Sparrows' Year' puff and blow as if they think they are bigger than they really are.
In Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens,a house is built by fairies for a little girl called Maimie. In Alice's Adventures in Wonderland,Alice enters the White Rabbit's house. In Gulliver's Travels,a temple serves as Gulliver's lodging in Lilliput. All of these houses are very small for Maimie,Alice and Gulliver.The small size and coziness of these houses represent children's preference for a small spot. However,the three houses are quite different because of the difference of the nature of these novels. Maimie'shouse in Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens is a gift from the fairies,who have affection for the girl. The whole scene is abundant with poetic sentiment.The White Rabbit's house is a mere setting for Alice's activity. She strugglesin the house growing bigger and smaller in Wonderland and she escapes from it to continue her adventure. Gulliver's house in Lilliput,which is usually identified with Westminster Hall in London,shows that the politics and society in England is satirized throughout“the Voyageto Lilliput".
Because fantasy is opposite to reality, and satire deals with various issues in reality, fantasy is hardly affiliated with satire in general. Hence it seems to be an exceptional case that the chapter of ‘The Thrush's Nest' has many examples of satire. The biggest satirical point in Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens is the very existence of fairies who never do anything useful,because everybody in the real world struggles to live a life seeking usefulness. Amongst other literary genres fantasy may have the biggest possibility of being a satire of the real world.
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