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トラウマ ノ コウゾウカ カイジ ガ ガイショウゴ ストレス ハンノウ ト ワーキング メモリ ヨウリョウ ニ オヨボス エイキョウ : ガイショウゴ ストレス ハンノウ オ チョウキ ニ ワタッテ イジ サセテイル コジン オ タイショウ ト シタ ケントウ
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The effects of structured disclosure of trauma on post traumatic stress reactions(PTSR)and working memory capacity : A study on targeting individuals who have maintained PTSR for long periods
Nakagawa, Chikako master's degree in clinical psychology, Human and Natural Environment Sciences, The University of Tokushima 2006
Nakano, Shuta Graduate School of Human and Natural Environment Sciences, The University of Tokushima
Sato, Kenji Graduate School of Human and Natural Environment Sciences, The University of Tokushima Tokushima University Educator and Researcher Directory KAKEN Search Researchers
post traumatic stress reactions(PTSR)
working memory capacity(WMC)
structured disclosure
cognitive restructuring
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Departmental Bulletin Paper
The first purpose of this study was to establish effective structured disclosure for the
reduction of the post traumatic stress reactions (PTSR) than the free disclosure. The second
purpose was to investigate whether the disclosure of the trauma brought the increase of the
working memory capacity (WMC).Individuals who have maintained PTSR more than six
months were selected as participants. Sixteen participants were randomly assigned to one of
the three groups: structured disclosure group (S),free disclosure group (F),control group (C).
To enhance cognitive restructuring of the trauma,the S group was required to describe the
trauma following detailed instructions. In addition,they were asked to rate the conviction
degree for the negative cognitions about the trauma quantitatively. The F group was asked to
describe the trauma as freely as they remember it. The C group was asked to write about
neutral topics. Measures were Impact of Event scale and WMC scores. Results indicated that
only the structured disclosure significantly decreased the degree of the PTSR. Although the
WMC scores increased in the S group,there was not the significant difference. Thus,the
further research is needed to modify the procedures of cognitive restructuring and to increase
the number of participants.
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