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Suzuki, Motofumi Aichi Steel Corporation
Urabe, Atsumi Tokushima University
Sasaki, Sayaka Tokushima University
Tsugawa, Ryo Tokushima University
Nishio, Satoshi Tokushima University
Mukaiyama, Haruka Tokushima University
Murata, Yoshiko Suntory Foundation for Life Sciences
Masuda, Hiroshi Ishikawa Prefectural University|Akita Prefectural University
Aung, May Sann Ishikawa Prefectural University|Akita Prefectural University
Mera, Akane Aichi Steel Corporation
Kanaki, Michika Hokkaido University
Kobayashi, Kaori Hokkaido University
Chiba, Yuichi The University of Tokyo
Shrestha, Binod Babu Tokushima University
Nakanishi, Hiromi The University of Tokyo
Watanabe, Takehiro Suntory Foundation for Life Sciences
Kobayashi, Takanori Ishikawa Prefectural University
Tanino, Keiji Hokkaido University
Nishizawa, Naoko K. Ishikawa Prefectural University|The University of Tokyo
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Journal Article
Iron (Fe) is an essential nutrient, but is poorly bioavailable because of its low solubility in alkaline soils; this leads to reduced agricultural productivity. To overcome this problem, we first showed that the soil application of synthetic 2′-deoxymugineic acid, a natural phytosiderophore from the Poaceae, can recover Fe deficiency in rice grown in calcareous soil. However, the high cost and poor stability of synthetic 2′-deoxymugineic acid preclude its agricultural use. In this work, we develop a more stable and less expensive analog, proline-2′-deoxymugineic acid, and demonstrate its practical synthesis and transport of its Fe-chelated form across the plasma membrane by Fe(III)•2’-deoxymugineic acid transporters. Possibility of its use as an iron fertilizer on alkaline soils is supported by promotion of rice growth in a calcareous soil by soil application of metal free proline-2’-deoxymugineic acid.
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Nature Communications
Springer Nature
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