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Yamaguchi, Satoshi Fukushima Medical University|Nakagami Hospital
Maeda, Minetaka Yuuai Medical Center
Oba, Kageyuki Yuuai Medical Center
Maimaituxun, Gulinu Fukushima Medical University
Arasaki, Osamu Yuuai Medical Center
Fukuda, Daiju Osaka Metropolitan University KAKEN Search Researchers
Masuzaki, Hiroaki University of the Ryukyus
Shimabukuro, Michio Fukushima Medical University KAKEN Search Researchers
Epicardial adipose tissue
Left atrial volume index
Sex difference
Atrial fibrillation
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Journal Article
Sex disparities in the association between epicardial adipose tissue volume (EATV) and cardiovascular disease have been reported. The sex-dependent effects of EATV on left atrial (LA) size have not been elucidated.
Consecutive 247 subjects (median 65 [interquartile range 57, 75] years; 67% of men) who underwent multi-detector computed tomography without significant coronary artery disease or moderate to severe valvular disease were divided into two groups: patients with sinus rhythm (SR) or atrial fibrillation (AF). Sex differences in the association between the EATV index (EATVI) (mL/m2) and LA volume index (LAVI) in 63 SR (28 men and 35 women) and 184 AF (137 men and 47 women) patients were evaluated using univariate and multivariate regression analyses.
In overall that includes both men and women, the relationship between EATVI and LAVI was not significantly correlated for patients with SR and AF. The relationship between EATVI and LAVI differed between men and women in both SR and AF groups. In SR patients, there was a positive relationship between EATVI and LAVI in men, but not in women. In contrast, in patients with AF, a negative relationship was found between EATVI and LAVI in women, whereas no association was found in men.
We evaluated sex differences in the association between EATVI and LAVI in patients with either SR or AF, and found a positive relationship in men with SR and a negative relationship in women with AF. This is the first report to evaluate sex differences in the relationship between EATVI and LAVI, suggesting that EAT may play a role, at least in part, in sex differences in the etiology of AF.
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BMC Cardiovascular Disorders
BioMed Central|Springer Nature
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