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ソウゴウガタ チイキ スポーツ クラブ ノ イクセイ オ メグル ジュエキシャ フタン ノ モンダイ : カイヒ セッテイ ニオケル キンガク ノ イミ カイシャク
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The Problems of Beneficiary Burden Concerned with Establishment and Management of the Community-based Sports Club:The Meaning Interpretation of the Amount of Money in a Setup of the Club Dues
Nagazumi, Jin Faculty of integrated arts and sciences, The University of Tokushima
Matsunaga, Keiko Faculty of Human Science,Osaka University of Health and Sport Sciences
Tomiyama, Kozo Faculty of Humanities, The University of Kitakyushu
Sato, Mitsuhiro Faculty of integrated arts and sciences, The University of Tokushima Tokushima University Educator and Researcher Directory KAKEN Search Researchers
beneficiary burden
community-based sport club
club dues
club management
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Departmental Bulletin Paper
Sport is a spontaneous activity and a personal pleasure activity originally. Someone must not
be provided with the sport which has such nature,and the individual who has value in the
activity fundamentally should invest money,time,and energy for oneself. In spite of such a
situation,the problems of beneficiary burden exist in the community-based sports club.
The purposes of this study were to clarify the problems of beneficiary berden concerned with
establishment and management of the community-besed sports club about that logical
background,and to examine the meaning interpretation of the amont of money in a setup of the
club dues. In this study,date was acquired through interviews with administrative officials or
club managers in three districts.
The major findings are summarized as follows:(1) Cost burden consciousness doesn't permeate
a local resident,because there is a low value for sports services in a community. (2) To be
important about the setup of the club dues was to give a feeling of th advantage which gave
meaning to the value of the club individually and socially to the member. (3) In case the
beneficiary burden system is introduced at the sports club,it is necessary to examine the right
and duty which are given to the club member. These results indicated that club management and
community development by sports promotion have to involve in various organizations that have
to be functional to promote sports in the community.
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Integrated Arts and Sciences