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チイキ スポーツ シンコウ オ キテイ スル セイサク ノ イッカンセイ ト ギョウセイ ソシキ ノ スイコウリョク ノ ケントウ : ソウゴウガタ チイキ スポーツ クラブ イクセイ オ メグル ホウシン ト シエン タイセイ ニオケル ジチタイカン カクサ
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The Examination of the Consistence of the Policy which Promotes Sports Promotion in Community Settings and the Performing Power of the Public Administration Organization : the Gap among the Local Governments about the Policy and the Support System Concerning the Promotion of the Community Sports Club
Nagazumi, Jin Faculty of Integrated Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokushima
Matsunaga, Keiko Faculty of Human Science, Osaka University of Health and Sport Sciences
Tomiyama, Kozo Faculty of Humanities, The University of Kitakyushu
Sato, Mitsuhiro Faculty of Integrated Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokushima Tokushima University Educator and Researcher Directory KAKEN Search Researchers
The sports policy
community-based sports club
the gap among the local governments
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Departmental Bulletin Paper
The master plan about the sport promotion of this country was finally settled on in September, 2000 after forty years when sports promotion law was proclaimed. It is put up that at least 1 and more community-based sport club is raised in the cities, towns, and villages in the whole country in that sport policy in the goal to raise a national movement, sport participation rate in 50%. However, as for the establishment status of' the sports club, the gap with being considerable among the local governments has occurred. The purposes of this study were to examine the consistence of the policy which promotes sports promotion in community settings and the performing power of the public administration organization. Specifically, it is compared about the strategic vision to raise a club concretely in the decision of the sport policy in each all prefectures and each city and the support system which brings up the club in each of the towns and villages, and the energy toward the goal realization refers about the factor which causes differential among the local governments. The major findings are summarized as follows : (1) To be demanded from the local government is rather to try the strategy to embody a policy by than the consistence of the policy. (2) The condition to promote the decision of the sport policy in each local government and the establishment of the club is the performing power of the prefecture. These results indicated the responsibility of the administrative organization and the importance of the policy evaluation.
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Integrated Arts and Sciences
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