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Hsieh, Yi-Da Tokushima University|Japan Science and Technology Agency
Shibuya, Kyuki Tokushima University|Japan Science and Technology Agency
Kaneoka, Yoshiki Tokushima University
Okubo, Sho Japan Science and Technology Agency|National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Inaba, Hajime Japan Science and Technology Agency|National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Mizutani, Yasuhiro Japan Science and Technology Agency|Osaka University KAKEN Search Researchers
Yamamoto, Hirotsugu Japan Science and Technology Agency|Utsunomiya University KAKEN Search Researchers
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Journal Article
Spectroscopic ellipsometry is a means of investigating optical and dielectric material responses. Conventional spectroscopic ellipsometry is subject to trade-offs between spectral accuracy, resolution, and measurement time. Polarization modulation has afforded poor performance because of its sensitivity to mechanical vibrational noise, thermal instability, and polarization-wavelength dependency. We combine spectroscopic ellipsometry with dual-comb spectroscopy, namely, dual-comb spectroscopic ellipsometry. Dual-comb spectroscopic ellipsometry (DCSE). DCSE directly and simultaneously obtains the ellipsometric parameters of the amplitude ratio and phase difference between s-polarized and p-polarized light signals with ultra-high spectral resolution and no polarization modulation, beyond the conventional limit. Ellipsometric evaluation without polarization modulation also enhances the stability and robustness of the system. In this study, we construct a polarization-modulation-free DCSE system with a spectral resolution of up to 1.2 × 10−5 nm throughout the spectral range of 1514–1595 nm and achieved an accuracy of 38.4 nm and a precision of 3.3 nm in the measurement of thin-film samples.
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Nature Communications
Springer Nature
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