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Nagasato, Daisuke Tsukazaki Hospital|Hiroshima University|Tokushima University
Tabuchi, Hitoshi Tsukazaki Hospital|Hiroshima University
Masumoto, Hiroki Tsukazaki Hospital|Hiroshima University
Kusuyama, Takanori Tsukazaki Hospital
Kawai, Yu Tsukazaki Hospital
Ishitobi, Naofumi Tsukazaki Hospital
Furukawa, Hiroki Tsukazaki Hospital
Adachi, Shouto Tsukazaki Hospital
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Journal Article
This study examined whether age and brachial-ankle pulse-wave velocity (baPWV) can be predicted with ultra-wide-field pseudo-color (UWPC) images using deep learning (DL). We examined 170 UWPC images of both eyes of 85 participants (40 men and 45 women, mean age: 57.5 ± 20.9 years). Three types of images were included (total, central, and peripheral) and analyzed by k-fold cross-validation (k = 5) using Visual Geometry Group-16. After bias was eliminated using the generalized linear mixed model, the standard regression coefficients (SRCs) between actual age and baPWV and predicted age and baPWV from the UWPC images by the neural network were calculated, and the prediction accuracies of the DL model for age and baPWV were examined. The SRC between actual age and predicted age by the neural network was 0.833 for all images, 0.818 for central images, and 0.649 for peripheral images (all P < 0.001) and between the actual baPWV and the predicted baPWV was 0.390 for total images, 0.419 for central images, and 0.312 for peripheral images (all P < 0.001). These results show the potential prediction capability of DL for age and vascular aging and could be useful for disease prevention and early treatment.
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Scientific Reports
Springer Nature
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