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ミサキョク ロタンチョウ BWV 232 ケンキュウ : ミサキョク ロタンチョウ ノ ゼンタイ コウセイ ニツイテ ダイ3ペン
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A Study of Messe in H-moll(BWV232) : on the Whole Organization of One (Pt.3)
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Departmental Bulletin Paper
In this study,I considered the whole organization of Messe in h-moll,being founded on my old studies .→(1) A Study of Messe in h-moll (BWV 232) -General Consideration on the Location of the Point at Issue basing on the Viewpoint of Symbolic Expression-,Journal of Human Scinces and Arts Faculty of Integrated Arts and Sciences The University of Tokushima Vo1.5 1998 Tokushima,Japan pp.153-169 (2) A Study of Messe in h-moll (BWV232) -on the Whole Organization of One-,Journal of Human Sciences and Arts Faculty of Integrated Arts and Scinces The University of Tokushima Vol.6 1999 Tokushima,Japan pp.159-208 (3) A Study of Messe in h-moll (BWV 232) -on the Whole Organization of One- (Series), Journal of Human Scinces and Arts Faculty of Integrayed Arts and Sciences The University of Tokushima Vol.7 2000 Tokushima,Japan pp.65-113
In Chapter I,I considered Messe in h-moll from the general viewpoint. (Paragraph 1→The circumstances of coming into existence on Bach's Messe in h-moll (the existence-year,the intention of composition) ,Paragraph 2→ the structure of Messe in h-moll (the method of arrangement and organization,the problems on the mental world) )
In Chapter II,I considered each tune of Messe in h-moll from the sectional viewpoint. (Paragraph 1→ key, Paragraph 2→ time, Paragraph 3→ the number of the part, Paragraph 4→the number of the bar, Paragraph 5→the method of composition)
In Chpter III,I wrote the conclusion according to the contents of Chapter I・II .→(1) Bach compiled his last work (Messe in h-moll) , being resigned to death. (2) In Messe in h-moll, all of Bach's view of life・religion・art・music are embodied with the highest level. (3) In this work, we can't find the useless points and the real musical world is in perfectly harmony with the Christian-metaphysical one. (4) Messe in h-moll is the ecumenical work which is Catholic though it is based on the Protestant thoughts. (5) This work is very attractive and universal,so it is loved by the people of every period,race,religion and culture. (6) When I look over this work from the symbolic viewpoint,it seems to me that the all symbolic elements are contained in it,so I think that we can almost understand the attraction and the university of it by the keyword SYMBOL. (7) It seems to me that the words in this work take a role of the native and original symbol.
Now,after this, I should like to study the problems of parody, that is to say, to study the tunes which are the foudations of Messe in h-moll and through its study, to deepen my understanding on one.
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