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Okazaki, Satoshi Kobe University
Otsuka, Ikuo Kobe University
Horai, Tadasu Kobe University
Mouri, Kentaro Kobe University
Boku, Shuken Kobe University
Sora, Ichiro Kobe University
Hishimoto, Akitoyo Kobe University
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Journal Article
The accelerated aging hypothesis of schizophrenia (SCZ) has been proposed. DNA methylation profiles were developed for determining “epigenetic age.” Here, we assessed intrinsic and extrinsic epigenetic age acceleration (IEAA and EEAA, respectively) in SCZ. We examined two independent cohorts of Japanese ancestry. The first cohort consisted of 80 patients with SCZ under long-term or repeated hospitalization and 40 controls, with the economical DNA pooling technique. The second cohort consisted of 24 medication-free patients with SCZ and 23 controls. Blood of SCZ subjects exhibited decreased EEAA in the first cohort (p = 0.0162), but not in the second cohort. IEAA did not differ in either cohort. We performed replication analyses using publicly available datasets from European ancestry (three blood and one brain datasets). One blood dataset showed increased EEAA in SCZ (p = 0.0228). Overall, our results provide evidence for decreased EEAA in SCZ associated with hospitalization in the Japanese population.
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npj Schizophrenia
Springer Nature|Schizophrenia International Research Society
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