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マチズクリ トシテノ ソウゴウガタ チイキ スポーツ クラブ ノ ヤクワリ : チイキ ト クラブ ノ トウギョ ニ モトメラレル バ ノ マネジメント
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The role of the sports club in community settings as community development : Field management to control the communities and sports clubs
Nagazumi, Jin Faculty of Integrated Arts and Sciences. The University of Tokushima
Tomiyama, Kozo Faculty of Humanities,Kitakyushu University
Matsunaga, Keiko Faculty of Human Science,Bunkyo University
community development
soorts club
field management
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Departmental Bulletin Paper
The Ministry of Education hammer out a new policy of sports promotion in 1995. The nineteen districts have granted a bounty to enhance sports activity and to support formation of sports club in the community by the educational authorities for four years. The nineteen districts are faced with three problems to operate each club when the bounty program is over. In the first,the most serious problem is to gather funds to operate the club in a number of the districts. In a few districts which are established the autonomous organization for operating the club by its members,sports programs are being carried on the community. In the second problem,each club has to keep places and facilities for sports activities and to train leaders and instructors of sports programs. In the final,the most districts that have granted the bounty have to establish and redesign new systems encouraging sports.
The purpose of this study were to examine the strategies encouraging and operating sports club in the districts and to apply the Field Management to control the sports clubs and communities. In this study,data was acquired through interviews with administrative officials in sixteen districts that were granted a bounty.
The major findings are summarized as follows: (1) Some clubs that depended on a local self-goveming body lacked the intentions of cooperating the club management of the members and were not clarified the strategies developing the club and promoting sports. (2) Some clubs establishing the new systems operating the club developed a new network in cooperation with the Amateur Sports Association in the districts,the sports club committee in the community,and so on. The clubs were functioning as the field to communicate interactively to these organizations. These clubs were possessed of the mastermind managing the club and taking care of sports promotion and community development continuously. These results indicated that club management and community development by sports promotion have to involve in various organizations that have to be functional to promote sports in the community.
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