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パンヤ サイ シュウゲキ ノ ナゾ
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A mysterious story of “The Second Bakery Attack”
Liu, Jie
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Departmental Bulletin Paper
In a mysterious short story of“The Second Bakery Attack” written by
Haruki Murakami, a couple plays an impenetrable behavior in the re-attacking of a
hamburger shop. In addition, the writer's attitude on his life likely reflects the whole
of this story in that the hero will not express his decisions even in the points that need
a conclusive decision.In the short story,the hero and his wife suddenly got hungry
in a midnight and he told the story of the first attack of the small bakery shop.The
serious mind lead to the curse that they could easily get enough amount of bread
under the condition of listening Wagner's music with subtle discrepancy of minds
between the hero and the shop owner.In this situation,the shop owner succeeded for
obeying the attackers without the use of weapons.This means the irony and
mockrey for his own life as the result.Here Wagner appeares like the symbol of the
corse for the life style of hero.In order to release from the curse,he and his wife tried
to re-attack the bakery shop was full of discrepancy between the attasckers and the
shop master.They have to change the attack of bakery shop to the hamburger shop,
and the shop master proposed to offer the proceeds from the sale.Although they
succeed for getting hamburgers without paying money,they felt many discrepancies
from the supposed story.From the overview of his life in the story,we may be able to
compare his life to our so-called serious life.As the result, we may aware of the
meaning of a confortable life style without the expression of his own opinion nor the
opposition to the people.
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